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Eco-friendly & beautiful  mini bag !

The new first premium  bag collection designed by ELISE AUCOUTURIER is now available !

Mini sac en coton recyclé et liseret de laine naturelle. Diamètre 25cm hauteur 23cm. Crocheté en Hauts de France. Ce sac artisanal est entièrement doublé de lin et offre 3 pochettes à l’intérieur pour smartphones, stylos, etc .

Pièce unique fabriquée artisanalement à la main au crochet.

Disponible aussi en ivoire.


Mini bag in black  recycled cotton. Handcrafted in North of France. . Height : 23 cm. Length : 25 cm.

This bag is totally lined with up cycled black linen. you will also find inside 3 pockets for smartphones, pencils, etc

You will appreciate the original trendy and definitely french look of this small purse

Unique artisan piece handmade with crochet.

Available also in ivory 


Handcrafted bag exclusively made in France of upcycled wool and cotton. Fibers have been up cycled in North of France

Very soft and exclusively hand made of natural upcycled fibers . Dimensions : 25*23 cm

Handcrafted bag made exclusively in France of upcycled wool and cotton from North of France.Color black  and ivory

You will appreciate the lovely contrast between the shiny cotton reflects and the ivory natural wool fibers

The inside is completely lined with black linen fabric and you will discover 3 pockets adapted for smartphones, pencils, etc. Also a magnet is also used to close the bag properly

To keep the beauty of your bag you will just have to wash it with the “delicate program” of your washing machine     ” inside outside”


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Parisian and eco-friendly conceptions are the best 😉


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