General terms of sales

Orders received through our representatives or directly, invoice no obligation on our part unless confirmed by ourselves .
Our confirmations of orders are issued within about ten days of receipt of these orders. They mention the accurate designation of the goods to be delivered, the prices and terms of payment accepted. No other condition not specified will be valid.

Any posible dispute for non-conformity of the goods delivered must be put in by registered letter within ten days of receipt of these goods. No goods can be returned without the preliminary agreement of the seller.
Pieces which are returned must be be in good condition, with their original label and well packed.
No goods can be refused for delay in delivery if this delay does not exceed the date specified by one month if the customer has not advised his refusal by registered letter of this months delay.

The prices mentioned in the confirmations of orders are given as an indication, they can be revised in accordance with modifications in salaries or prices of materials which may have taken place between confirmation and shipment of the orders.

The settlements of our invoices can be made according to the usual mode agreed to with each customer or according to the terms indicated in our confirmations of orders or invoices.
The receipt of our invoices which have not been contested within a ten days period, is considered as a definite acceptance of th terms and conditions mentioned therein.
When the settlement is made after deduction of an authorized discount, only the tax corresponding to the price actually paid gives a right to a deduction.
Regarding payments by time drafts, draft issued by ourselves must be returned accepted and domiciled within ten days of their presentation latest. A refusal of acceptance without lawful grounds may lead to the cancellation of all orders, even confirmed, and can be a determining factor for requiring the anticipated payment of current bills.
In case of delay in payment, request of an extension of time or dishonored bill, a 2% interest per month of delay plus bank expenses, shall be charged to the debtor.
In case of insolvency of the debtor should lead to legal proceedings, the bad debt concerned would sytematically be increased by 10% for expenses, plus damages and interest.

We decline any liability for deterioration of the quality of our products ascertained subsequent to their delivery and resulting from their transport by the carrier, from a bad preparation not conform to normal rules, from bad stocking conditions and any other cause independent of ourselves.
The guarantee of our goods is an explicit agreement, limited to our choice, to replacement of the goods acknowledged as being defective or to refund of their value before use, with the exception of any compensation or damages.

We have the property of the goods invoiced and delivered until settlement has been entirely made, in accordance with the law n80.335 (12 mai 1980).
The goods must be insured as soon as they get to the adresses.

Any delay in settlement will induce penalty fees, calculated according to legal interest rate increased by 50%.
Any dishonored settlement will trigger collection and file costs.

According to the use of products, conformity and adaptibility test must be performed by our customers before selling the product . Any disagreement on the quality or on the quantity delivered must be notified within 48 hours after receipt of the goods by means of a registered letter with A.R.

All objections relative to the execution or the interpretation of the present convention are the exclusive competence of the Tribunal of Senlis. France.
Goods travel under consigners risks.